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Kanetsuka Sensei demonstrates shiho nage

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Important Notice Feb '04: the University club has had to close for the time being - if you are interested in practising Aikido in the Cardiff area, please look at the Sho Bu Kan link below.

Welcome to the home page of the University of Glamorgan Aikido club.

As a BUAF affiliated club situated in South Wales, we are in the fortunate position of being surrounded by some of the BAF's longest established clubs, with groups at Cardiff, Swansea, Port Talbot and Abedare.

We are closely linked with Cardiff Sho Bu Kan and instruction is performed under the supervision of their principal instructor, Peter Gillard (4th Dan).For further information about Sho Bu Kan contact Allan Hagan

Click here for pictures of Peter's last visit to the club & news of forthcoming courses.

The British Aikido Federation

The University Club is affiliated to the British Aikido Federation (BAF) via it's universities branch, the BUAF.The BAF is the official British representation of Hombu Dojo, Aikido World Headquaters, Tokyo. We are extremely fortunate to have as our Technical Director Mineru Kanetsuka Sensei, a man of enormous dedication to Aikido and technical ability.We are doubly privileged in South Wales as the strong BAF presence here means that we get more than our fair share of courses with Kanetsuka Sensei! Students joining the club can therefore take advantage of some first class training during their time here.

The BAF organises a number of national and local courses throughout the year, with Kanetsuka Sensei and other senior instructors from the BAF as well as guest instructors from Japan, Europe and the rest of the world.The highlight of the year is the week-long Summer School which is held each year at Chester College, where instruction is given by Kanetsuka Sensei and another senior instructor of the Aikikai foundation.

Kanetsuka Sensei, 7th Dan Aikikai Foundation, Technical Director of the BAF

The University Club

The Club's main instructor is Roger Carruthers (2nd Dan), a graduate of the University of Glamorgan, now working at the college in Media Services, who has been practising Aikido for over 12 years, mostly with the BAF, both in the UK and in France.Like all BAF instructors he is a registered coach with the British Aikido Board, the organisation responsible for maintaining safe teaching practice in Aikido in the UK. Club members are fully insured with the BAB through their BUAF membership.

The cost to students is £12 for the year (out of which your BUAF membership is paid) and £1'mat fee' each time you train. Members are entitled to a student discount at local and national courses.

We train on Wednesday nightd in the Small Hall of the college Recreation Centre, from 7.30 - 9 p.m.. Students at the University club are encouraged to also practice with Sho Bu Kan,who train five nights a week in Cardiff and Penarth, and to participate in the many courses that the BAF organises throughout the year.

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For further information about the University Club, contact

Club Instructor Roger Carruthers, 2nd dan