OS X (Pluggo 3) plugs

'19', a simple digital stutterer, for spooling simulation, sampler tomfoolery & glitchification

.The Mods (beta) are a modular fx plug-in and a modulator plug-in designed to work together and to eventually supercede the Mr.Mods plugs

Freeverb Pluggo. A wrapper for Olaf Mathes Freeverb~ object, with added gating functions

Rezdelay (beta) - it delays, it resonates, it blows up; use with care.

GateDelay a delay line with gates in the feedback path.

The first two of the new Mr.Mods are here; introducing, Mr.Shifter and Mr.Comber....

And in order to make them work under RTAS, if you are using the Free Runtime Pluggo, you will need this little RTASplugsyncer plug.

Curver. a bouncing delay - sort of..(with thanks to Richard Dudas for the curve part).

Poly IV is an emulation of the Korg Poly 800 mk,II. This version uses the new non-aliasing oscillators from Max 4.5 and now supports full parameter automation. Requires Pluggo Runtime v. 3.2.2

2D Panner is, er a 2D panning/tremelo plug - it has a nice 'scope for viewing the pretty lissajou's figures too.

Old Versions (Pluggo 2 for macOS 8 ->)

NOTE - third party objects. Many of the plugs use third party objects which are not included in the standard Max/MSP library for Pluggo; if you get an error message saying that Pluggo cannot find a certain object, you need to locate the object(s) and copy it to your 'externals' folder.I have attempted to catalogue all the third party objects I have used and make them available here (most of them are also included with the latest version of the Mr. Mods). For any I may have missed, the best place to start a search is cycling74's resource guide. A good clue as to who makes what object will be found in the 'with thanks to' section at the end of any 'read Me' files, and/or in the messages window of the plugs themselves


The Mr.Modulators are seven audio plugs that do filtering,pitch-shifting, ring modulation, comb filtering, resonation, time-stretching and delay effects. They use a common interface that contains two envelopes and two step modulators ('stepulators') which are automatically synced to the host to enable you to create continuously variable or discrete modulations; You can make some very interesting noises with these.

Hi Rez is a four part resonator module that can be used on it's own or controlled via midi. It's a bit like the resonator effect on the Quadraverb Plus and it can be used to do nasty things to drum loops or make sort-of vocoder effects.

Midigate is an audio gate which is triggered by midi note-on/off events; use it to create classic dance cliches such as 'The Chopped-up Vocal', 'The Rythmic String Pad' etc.

Boom-Shakka is a three part percussion synth; it makes nasty industrial noises, either via midi or triggered by Drum16......

Loafer is a midi LFO (low frequency oscillator) which enables you to create repeating patterns of midi controller data for panning effects, filter sweeps, volume fades etc. etc.; this version also does things with aftertouch & pitchbend, and can also be used to modulate other Pluggo plug-in parameters..

Drum16 is a six-part drum machine which allows you to make drum patterns in the old simple intuitive way. It has it's own delay line and filters, and the samples can be tuned, reversed, panned make some pretty interesting drum patterns. The drum sounds can also be plyed via midi, so you can just use it as a drum sampler.The new version also allows pich modulation of the drum samples.

Beat16, is a midi version of Drum16, ie. a midi drum sequencer.

Seq16 is a sequencer within a sequencer! It's a 16 step sequencer which emulates to old analogue sequencers and includes the ability to modulate midi controllers.If you make dance music, you'll find this a useful tool. Sadly, due to the way Pluggo/Cubase works, a couple of the original Max Seq16's best features for real-time doodling (the Key and Arpeggiator modes) cannot be implemented, as yet, but the rest of it works just dandy. There is also a non-Pluggo version available which works well with softsynths like Absynth; because it's not dependant on a host sequencer, it can do the full-blown arpeggiator stuff.

Boogaloopa creates wacky rhythmic loops from just about any kind of sample; it's a great composition tool if you like your music on the wild side....

Spectrum, 'analogue' monosynth extraordinaire; new documentation available and a number of performance improvements; it should also sound a lot more 'analogue' now. If you like modulation, you'll love this....It has it's own arpeggiator and can be used to process audio files too.

S3 is a Sixteen Step Sequencer with a Sample player and Synth; a kind of one-part Drum16 with a bit of a Rebirth tacked on (no docs yet).

Poly III is an emulation of the Korg Poly 800 II; sorry there's no docs yet, but it's pretty straightforward, and it makes some lovely noises, just hit the presets and play...(warning; a bit CPU intensive, this one; G4 reccomended) Note: a Pluggo3 version is is now available (see below), which is much more CPU-efficient.